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Wondering whether to list your GPA on your resume or not?
Wondering how you’ll answer the question — “What’s your GPA?”

Here are ways to present your GPA — in the best light!

  • 2.9/4.0 major GPA, 2.4/4.0 overall GPA
    Place greater emphasis on your major GPA.
  • GPA:  3.1/4.0 since fall 2010, 2.6/4.0 overall
    Show that you are improving your grades and doing so in higher level classes.
  • 2.86/4.00 GPA
    List GPAs below 3.0 (2.7-3.0) in highly competitive majors.
  • 3.2/4.0 projects/labs, 2.5/4.0 overall
    Emphasize success in hands-on application of coursework in your major.
  • 2.6/4.0 GPA overall, worked 20 hrs/week while in school
    Let the employer know about additional demands on your schedule.
  • Financially responsible for 100% of college expenses.
    Let the employer know you have been working your way through school.

When you explain your GPA honestly and with confidence, the employer is likely to share in your confidence as a candidate.  Place your GPA in the most positive context possible.

Keep in mind that each employer places different emphasis and weight on GPA.  For some employers, a minimum GPA requirement is firm and non-negotiable.  For others, it is preferred and may be more flexible.  When you come close to meeting a GPA requirement or you have other strengths of interest to the employer, apply for the opportunity!

Your career counselor can help you present and talk about your GPA in the best light.

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