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Credential Files

Confidential credential file services are provided to students and alumni seeking positions in teaching, student services, and administration at all educational levels ( K-12 & Higher Education). These files are to be used only for employment purposes and not for admission to graduate or professional schools. Students, particularly at the graduate level, may choose to use Interfolio, a secure web-based tool that allows you to store, manage and send electronic and print files. Here you can include content beyond a resume, transcript and letters of recommendation (e.g. writing samples, dissertation summaries, student evaluations.) Interfolio may also be used for applications to graduate and professional schools.

A completed confidential credential file must include the following.*

  • Authorization to release– Due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), no file will be sent by the CDC without a signed authorization to release form.
  • Resume – View sample resumes to help you get started.
  • Recommendations – Teacher candidates: most school systems require you to use their own forms. For all others: the CDC provides forms for your references to complete or they may use their own letterhead. If you use the CDC forms, complete the top section only. Provide a stamped envelope addressed to the CDC for their convenience. Instruct them to seal the recommendation in an envelope with their signature over the seal. You are not permitted to view the contents of the letter.
  • Transcript (optional)– A transcript can be included, but is not required. Request an official transcript through Registration & Records and have it sent to the CDC for inclusion in your file.

[printable guidelines]

* Incomplete files — it is your responsibility to check periodically to see if your file is complete with release form, resume, recommendations, and transcripts (optional). No requests will be honored until your file is complete. If your file is not complete within 6 months of the initial opening date, the file may be purged. If the file is purged, you must begin the entire process again in order to re-open the file.


Consider these options as you choose your best references. Allow at least a couple of weeks for a

reference to complete the form and return it to the CDC. Once in a while they may need a gentle

reminder. Ask them to save a print or electronic

copy; it is possible for a letter to get lost.

Bachelors Degree Candidates

[printable undergraduate reference form]

  • Cooperating teacher from student teaching experience
  • Supervisory faculty member
  • Professor in major field of study
  • Present or former employer

Masters & Doctoral Degree Candidates

[printable graduate reference form]

  • Thesis or dissertation advisor
  • Head of your department, if you are well known to that person
  • Professor who knows you well and is knowledgeable of your skills, interests and qualifications
  • Professor in field other than major, with whom you have completed advanced coursework
  • Present or former employer

There is a $10.00 fee to set up your credential file. Your first 3 requests are free. Each file sent

thereafter is $5.00. An additional fee will be determined for requests sent outside the USA. A complete copy of your file is reproduced and sent upon request of employers, graduating students, or alumni. (A fee is not charged when the employer

requests your file directly.)

To request that a file be sent, provide the following to the CDC.

  • Complete addresses for each prospective employer.
  • $5.00 for each file requested, after your 3 free requests (cash or check made out to NC State University).

Your file will remain housed permanently in the CDC and remain available to you unless the following occurs.

  • You receive an additional degree from another institution after leaving NC State. In this case, you should establish a credential file at that institution.
  • There has been no activity in your file within 5 years. In this case, your file will be purged.

You may consider maintaining your own non-confidential credential file

if your prospective employers do not require confidential letters. When you

request letters from your references, they will send you the original letter.

This is your master copy from which you will make copies and send with

applications. Provide your references with self addressed stamped envelopes for

their convenience.

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