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Job Search Strategies

The search is likely to take longer than expected — success is greatly increased by using multiple strategies!
Use our suggestions below — tried and true by past graduates!

  • Learn from others’ success Know a classmate who has an internship or job? Ask how they found it.
  • Put in the time Start early and devote time each week — the job search is similar to a major project!
  • Form a job search group Enjoy the benefits of working with others for ideas, motivation, and support — similar to a study group.
  • Use CDC resources Start your first year through graduation! CDC resources are specifically for students.
  • Approach employers differently Email, call, personally deliver, ask a friend to forward, send your resume through the US mail. Mix up your approach as employers have different preferences.
  • Search less on-line A major pitfall! Success rate is ~10% vs. personal contact/networking ~50%. The best suggestions come from people. Let everyone know about your search.
  • Consider a variety of employers Widen your search for optimal success. Outstanding opportunities are found in large and small companies, well known and unknown, near and far. This is your first job — not your last!
  • Consider an alternate point of entry A position in your field is the goal – traditional (internship, co-op) or non-traditional (volunteer, contract/temporary). All have the potential to lead to an entry-level job!
  • Handle the “no’s” Expect to hear several from employers — before the one “yes” you need! Use our tips for handling rejection.
  • Receive help after graduation CDC services continue for one year after graduation. We’re here to help!

Future Plans Survey – learn about the job search of recent NC State graduates.

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