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What Employers Look For

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“We see the interview as an exercise in uncovering your strengths.” (Credit Suisse)

Employers want to learn three things about you during the interview.

  • CAN you do the job — do you possess the talent, credentials, skills?
  • WILL you do the job — do you have the passion, motivation, interest?
  • Are you a good FIT — is there chemistry with colleagues, supervisor, organization?

Emphasize strengths

Your job is to communicate your strengths and connect them (when possible) to the opportunity. Keep in mind that these strengths are facts you can back up with examples drawn from courses, projects, work experience, activities or organizations. Employers look at past performance as a good indicator of future performance.

Minimize concerns
Almost all employers require pre-employment screening and a background check. Always be honest. Consult with your career counselor well in advance if you have concerns. You do not want anything to prevent your hire!

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