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Types Of Interviews

The 1st interview — “screening interview”
Employers use these venues to quickly guage your fit with the opportunity or organization. As a result, they will make a decision about further consideration of you as a candidate. Take advantage of opportunities to meet and talk with employers.

  • Phone interview
    This can range from 15 min. to one hour in length. [Need a landline? Let us know!]
  • On-campus interview 
    This is usually 30 min. in length and takes place in Pullen or Clark Hall during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Career fair
    This interaction is often 2-10 min. in length and can lead to a formal interview.
  • Information session
    Brief interaction with a representative (following a presentation) can be 2-10 min. in length and can lead to a formal interview. [These are found in ePACK, academic departments and student organizations.]
  • Conference
    This can range from 2 min. to one hour in length through presentations, receptions and social events.
  • Impromptu situation 
    This can take place anywhere at any time — at home, on campus, in the community. Have your introduction ready.

The 2nd interview — “site” interview
Employers use site visits to bring you to the office to meet colleagues and view the work environment. This is an important step for both you and the employer — to determine mutual interest and fit. Strong performance has the potential to lead to a job offer!

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