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Interview Mistakes

You can avoid all of these!

  • Arrive late
  • Arrive unprepared – no resume, not sure what the company does
  • Bring a friend, family member, or pet
  • Chew gum
  • Carry a beverage – no coffee, no water
  • Allow your cell to ring or vibrate
  • Dress down
  • Wing the interview
  • Have a weak or sweaty handshake
  • Carry the scent of heavy perfume/cologne, tobacco, alcohol
  • Interact unprofessionally or unkindly to any staff members
  • Yawn
  • Use “um,” “like,” or “you know” over and over
  • Give a long answer hoping to “hit it right”
  • Appear uninterested
  • Unable to articulate your strengths
  • Unable to connect your strengths to the job
  • Say you don’t have a weakness
  • Avoid eye contact – can appear untruthful or uninterested
  • Make too much eye contact – can make someone uncomfortable
  • Try to control the interview
  • Be dishonest
  • Make excuses
  • Answer a question without thinking – it’s ok to pause
  • Provide an answer, when you don’t know the answer
  • Take all the credit for the success of a group
  • Speak negatively about past employers, colleagues, classmates, faculty
  • Ask about salary
  • When asked, “Do you have any questions?” — you say no

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