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Employer Research

With research – you can ask good questions
“Congratulations on being awarded the project at RDU. Will you be hiring summer interns?”
“I read about the merge with Duke Energy.   How will this affect the Raleigh office?”

Without research – it’s difficult to show sincere interest
“What do you do?”
“Is Progress Energy an insurance company?”

Want to stand out?
Research the employer before an interview!

Basic research: visit the website, know general products/services and locations.
Advanced research: dig deeper, be aware of recent news, announcements or innovations.

  • Glassdoor.com
    Be privy to inside scoop on positions, company culture and their interview questions.
  • Wetfeet
    Benefit from others’ research.  View insider tips about careers, industries and employers.
  • Company Research
    Research company history, market share, recent developments, and more. (NCSU Librairies)

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