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Employer FAQ

What is an externship?

An externship provides an opportunity for students to get an insider’s view of a career field by shadowing employers in their workplaces for one day. Through shadowing employers, students are exposed to normal workday activities including informational interviewing with engineering professionals, a tour of the facility, and possible meetings with organizational leaders.

Externships differ from internships in that they are short term, offer no pay or academic credit, and are hosted by volunteers in various organizations to help students gain an exclusive view of a career field.

NC State’s program is in a group format to allow companies to brand their organization to a wider audience of NC State students.

When does the externship take place?

The Externship program takes place spring semester each academic year; exact dates to be determined during fall semester.

What can I have students do during an externship?

We ask that you decide what is appropriate for your work environment and provide the extern a realistic look at what your career field entails. Some examples for externs include:

  • Observing and asking questions
  • Attending meetings and other work functions
  • Touring the facilities
  • Conducting informational interviews

Sample group extern visit for 5-25 students:

These are suggestions and examples from past externship employers. You are welcome to make adjustments and create your own schedule.

  1. Welcome from company official and overview of engineering opportunities
  2. Panel discussion featuring engineers at different levels
  3. Tour of your facility
  4. Networking activity (i.e. speed networking to allow students to rotate among tables)
  5. Group challenging activity (give student teams a sample problem to solve as a group, and your engineers observe/facilitate) – this is a great way to find potential interns or co-op students
  6. Lunch/depart

Are there costs to participate?

Yes, the cost to participate is $500. Covers the cost of the transportation, insurance, and program
coordination which includes the recruitment and preparation of students.

How are students chosen to participate in the program?

All accepted freshmen students in NC State’s College of Engineering are qualified to participate in the program. Their resumes will be given to each employer for review before participating.

Will students contact me directly?

After students have been assigned to you as an extern, he/she will be given your contact information.

What about student liability?

All confirmed students sign the statement of participation prior to participating in the externship program.

Notice Concerning Insurance Coverage while Participating in this Program:

Students participate in the externship program voluntarily and separate from NC State and thus the University is not responsible in the event of injury, personal loss, accidents, or other occurrences during the externship. NC State does not review externship sites for compatibility with a particular student, or for safety. Students must assume responsibility for their own safety and well being while on externships. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain a comprehensive health insurance policy.

Statement of Participation:

  1. I understand that I am expected to accept and complete the externship to which I am assigned.
  2. I understand that I am expected to dress and act in a manner consistent with the professional standards of the organization.
  3. I will attend the required information session prior to the externship start date.
  4. I have read the above statement concerning liability insurance and understand that I am not covered by NC State University and may or may not be covered by the employer, in the event of injury, accidents, personal loss or other occurrences during the externship.

How do I participate as an externship host?

If you or your organization are interested and available to host an extern for one or two days during spring semester (exact dates to be announced during fall semester), please contact Leslie Bowman, leslie_bowman@ncsu.edu.

Employer externship application is through ePACK. Directions and information will be sent upon receipt of your response.

Contact Leslie Bowman, Career Counselor — leslie_bowman@ncsu.edu

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