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Career Development Center has developed the externship program to help students build a successful future.  Externships are designed to provide students with an inside view of professionals at work, and learn how to apply their major to a career field through a visit to an employer work site.

This experience gives students the opportunity to connect with employers for potential future internships and entry-level jobs.  Students interact with valuable contacts and gain the experience of speaking about their background and career aspirations with practicing professionals.

When they occur

Externship visits take place in the fall & spring semesters. Externships are either half-day or full day experience, based on the preference of each employer.

Who can participate

Currently the program is offered for first year engineering students. Eventually the program will expand to other majors.

Benefits to students

  • Show students the diverse opportunities available in engineering through direct exposure to engineering environments.
  • Help students learn how to apply their major through discussions with professionals who may have a similar background.
  • Students can assess a “fit” for a particular position, company, or industry.
  • Allow students to make career connections and begin establishing networks for possible internships and future employment.
  • View quotes of past externs.

Benefits to employers

  • Gain exposure and visibility for your company.
  • Introduces you to potential interns and future employees.
  • Reconnects you with NC State and the student experience.
  • Potentially have students collaborate on research, laboratory work, data analysis or other projects that will provide a learning opportunity while meeting a workplace need.


  • Spring 2013: 108 students, 8 employers.
  • Spring 2012: 89 students, 12 employers.
  • Spring 2011: 58 students, 17 employers.
  • Spring 2010: 27 students, 19 employers.
  • Spring 2009 (pilot program): 9 students, 6 employers.


Employer Questions
Contact Elizabeth Brashear — elizabeth_brashear@ncsu.edu

Student Questions
Contact Kelly Laraway– kelly_laraway@ncsu.edu

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