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Your Post-Work Report

After your work rotation is done, you’ll want to make sure that you complete the necessary requirements for your work term, which include your Student Self Assessment and Work Report Form. (Graduate students should use the Graduate Student Self Assessment and Work Report Form.)

You’ll need to get a work report signed by your academic advisor and participate in a post-work conference with the Co-op coordinator – an incomplete grade (IN) will be awarded until this takes place. An incomplete grade can delay your graduation, so you’ll want to make sure you turn in the work report and meet with the Co-op Coordinator as soon as you can by calling 919.515.2300.

Then, you’ll be awarded a Satisfactory (S) – otherwise, an Unsatisfactory (U) will be recorded at the end of the following semester. If you’re out on work rotation during the semester you’re scheduled to graduate, be sure turn in your work report and schedule the post-work conference to ensure that your Co-op grade will be reported in time for graduation!

In order to qualify for a Co-op program certificate, you must work a minimum of 12 months of full-time work, or the equivalent amount on a part-time or combination basis. If you’re a graduate student, you’ll need a minimum of three months of full-time Co-op work to qualify for the certificate.

If you have satisfied the requirements for Co-op, you’ll have a statement on your transcript to that effect (including how long you worked) and you’ll receive your Co-op certificate!

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