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Would you like to know what its like to be on the frontline of your chosen profession? Our Cooperative Education Program allows you to work for multiple work terms in a relevant occupation – learning firsthand what challenges professionals in your chosen field face and how your skills might best fit in. Not only do you get to evaluate whether a career is right for you, but this is also a great way for potential employers to get to know you.

Cooperative Education at NC State is one of the largest Co-op programs in the nation, with more than 1,000 work rotations a year placed in a wide variety of fields with employers across America.

Engineering graduates may use the Co-op work experience toward professional engineering license requirements. NC State’s Co-op Program has received accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Cooperative Education.

To get more information please check out Co-Op At NC State .

"The Career Development Center will be valued by North Carolina State University and its partners as the leading resource to meet the comprehensive career development needs of students."

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