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Master Minds 9

College of Sciences in Spring 2015

This exclusive 9-week program provided by College of Sciences, the Career Development Center and The Graduate School. The program provides a unique support system for highly motivated College of Sciences seniors, and graduate students. Participants are selected and matched into teams based on their career and educational goals. Much like “workout buddies”, team members commit to meet weekly for 20 minutes to hold each other accountable for their progress. Each MM9 team will be assigned a group facilitator and a success coach.

MM9 Alum Zach welcomes you to the program!

All MM9 Students and Facilitators are required to attend

  • 2/13 3pm Orientation
  • 3/27 3pm Summit
  • 4/17 3pm Celebration

DEADLINE: 5 PM Jan. 30, 2015

For more information contact marcy_bullock@ncsu.edu

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

STEP 1: Complete the application, now available
Master Minds Nine Application ]

STEP 2: Have your reference complete the online recommendation form
[ Reference Form ]


Who is MM9 for?

Selected College of Sciences seniors and grad students who are exceptionally motivated and want to accomplish something important by May 2015 (job, internship, grad school, thesis or other goal).

Why participate?

Your chances of reaching your goals go up exponentially if you have a support team, a Success Coach, and a Change Agent Facilitator behind you. You will be held accountable and be more likely to achieve what you set out to do, instead of procrastinate and remain stagnant. Only “go getters” need apply.

What time commitment is involved?

12 hours total. MM9 Orientation=2 hours, MM9 Summit=2 hours, MM9 Celebration=2 hours. (All three mandatory events are Fridays from 3-5 pm). Nine weeks of 20 minute meetings each=3 hours. (Weekly meeting times are agreed on by each group). Prep time for your meetings varies with each person. Total time commitment over the spring semester is about 12 hours.

What do I get for participating?

You will receive some refreshments; instructional materials on Moodle; useful handouts and materials to teach you how to proceed; a Success Coach from industry; a Change Agent Facilitator; and a team as motivated as you are. We hope the achievement of reaching your goal will be the biggest incentive!

Will this be worth my time?

Research shows that being held accountable increases one’s chance of success. The amount of time you put into MM9 is proportionate to the final outcome. If you expect to have a job waiting for you at graduation without putting effort into the process, you may find you are not employed in your major. In this challenging economy it is useful to take advantage of all of your resources. Life is a team sport; you cannot do it alone!

Watch these videos to learn more-

NACE Knowledge Bite: Teaching Students the Skills Employers Want

Welcome Master Minds 9

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