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Employer Success

Register early
Secure your spot at career fairs of high interest!


  • Post internships & entry-level jobs
    Advertise your opportunities before the fair. Include a statement in your posting that you are attending the fair and encourage students to stop by your booth.
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
    Reserve rooms at the UCC to interview students you meet at the fair.  Choose a date immediately following the fair or a few weeks later. Students can sign up for interviews electronically through ePACK – or you can sign up students at the fair.
  • Search for candidates to invite
    Search the database of student resumes before the fair. Identify students of interest and invite them to stop by your booth. Provide information about your opportunities to help them make a decision.

Advertise your visit
Let students know about your visit by sending announcements to academic departments, student organizations and media.

Bring an NC State intern or graduate 
When possible, bring a representative with ties to NC State.  You’ll be amazed at the connections they make with students, alumni and faculty.

Provide handouts 
Students appreciate information to take with them — descriptions of internships and entry-level jobs – or a business card with a website providing this information.

Consider freshman & sophomore level students
These students have lots of questions about majors and careers and are eager to test their choice with an internship or co-op.  Cultivate a future hire!

Consult the UCC staff
We’re here to help you experience success at NC State career fairs.
919.515.2396, career-development@ncsu.edu.

"The Career Development Center will be valued by North Carolina State University and its partners as the leading resource to meet the comprehensive career development needs of students."

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