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Career Information

Many students create a “short list” of potential majors from the list of all NC State majors.
Use the sites below to help narrow down your choice.

Candid Career
A fun and efficient way to explore careers! Similar in nature to YouTube. Discover career fields you did not even know existed and learn what it takes to get there.

Watch one minute video clips describing specific careers.

Explore details about various careers.

View “career briefs” and videos of occupations in NC.

NCSU Libraries
Peruse an assortment of career-related books selected by librarians.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Find detailed information about all careers.

Browse careers by industry, tasks, salary, future outlook and more.

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
View career profiles of professionals in science, technology, engineering, math and healthcare fields.


"The Career Development Center will be valued by North Carolina State University and its partners as the leading resource to meet the comprehensive career development needs of students."

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