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Hiring NC State students/alumni

Employers can easily post opportunities for NC State students & alumni via our ePACK database. Organizations may request an account & post a job in a single step, and approval typically takes between 24-48 hours. The ePACK database is intended as a resource for NC State students seeking high-impact, career related opportunities that can be connected to degree programs offered at our institution.

Types of positions that can be posted in ePACK:  Full list of job posting policies available here
  • Full time entry level (0-3 years): these are jobs that a student would seek after completing their degree at NC State. Jobs should require a student to use the skills and experiences gained while in college, and relate to majors and degrees provided by NC State.
  • Full time experienced (3+ years): these are jobs that an alumnus of NC State would seek. Jobs should require a student to use the skills and experiences earned while in college, relate to majors and degrees provided by NC State, and require the student to have some level of work experience.
  • Internship: academic credit is awarded by departments, and there are limited credit based internship courses available. Please refer to the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) Position Statement on US Internships to ensure your program complies with these standards.  Internships are typically full-time, summer opportunities, but may also include part-time positions during the school year. 
  • Co-op positions: please review our co-op program and contact an employer relations team member for more information. You must have a signed co-op agreement on file with NC State to post co-op positions.
  • Part time: these are jobs that a student would seek while completing their degree at NC State. Jobs should require a student to use the skills and experiences earned while in college, and relate to majors and degrees provided by NC State.
  • Temporary: Full time entry level/experienced and part time positions can be marked as temporary if they are time limited.

Does your job qualify for ePACK?
YES if:
-The position requires at a degree that is currently offered at NC State.
-The position is an actual job – not a petition for training and possible placement.
-The position pays a base salary and is not 100% commission/pay-per-piece based.
NO if:
-A major and degree isn’t required, or the job is not related to a degree offered at NC State.
-The position is open to all majors, or lacking a clear description.
-Referrals to job boards and job placement services.
-The position is fee based (any fee or expense that must be incurred by the candidate).
These positions may be posted in the student newspaper, the Technician.

Tips for Posting in ePACK.
Registering for an account

Please provide as many details as possible when registering for an account, and remember it takes 24-48 hours for your account to be approved, as we do review each request individually and research your organization.

Third party recruiters and staffing agencies are welcome to create accounts listing their employer as the organization, then post on behalf of the companies they may be working with. Please do not register as if you work for the company you are recruiting for.
Your job posting is often the first impression a student has of your organization. To attract a strong pool of candidates, we suggest a well written job description — and special attention to these fields.

  • Job function
    Since many students search by job function, choose carefully. You may select multiple categories if appropriate, however choosing ALL is NOT recommended.
  • Majors
    Please select majors! Choose liberally to include talent from many. NC State has unique majors found within every college. Selecting ALL majors is NOT appropriate for attracting the student pool you wish to reach.
  • GPA
    Keep open if possible. Wolfpack talent exists at all levels!Do not post a GPA for alumni specific jobs.
  • Resume receipt
    We recommend choosing “email” and “accumulate online”. This allows students the most convenient option of applying directly through ePACK. You’ll receive an email with their resume when they do!

Questions about job postings?  Email ncstate-epack@ncsu.edu or call 919.515.2396.

Consult with our Employer Relations team for advice regarding your campus recruiting strategy.

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