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Entry-Level Jobs

NC State students graduate in May, summer, and December.  While many students continue on to graduate or professional school, most seek entry-level jobs.  Thank you for providing outstanding opportunities for NC State graduates!

Start with ePACK

  • Post entry-level jobs in ePACK – interested students will apply.
  • Expand your pool of candidates by searching the database and inviting students to apply.
  • Select students of interest and contact them directly.
  • Set up on-campus interviews – if convenient.

Tips for recruiting success

  • Attract students by providing details about the organization and opportunity in your posting.
  • Consider a variety of majors and graduation dates.
  • Be flexible about GPA — consider all accomplishments.
  • Consider additional ways to increase your visibility on campus.


"The Career Development Center will be valued by North Carolina State University and its partners as the leading resource to meet the comprehensive career development needs of students."

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