Welcome to Pre-Law Services

Pre-Law Services at NC State offers guidance, information, and support to students who are thinking about law school. Pre-Law Services are offered through the University Career Development Center (CDC).

Through Pre-Law Services at NC State, students receive guidance on preparing for law school, taking the LSAT, and applying to law school.

Pre-Law Services at NC State offers students the opportunity to learn and network through experiential learning programs, internships, seminars and workshops, and the annual law school fair.

Advising Hours and Location

Pre-Law advising sessions are available by appointment only. To make an appointment, please call (919) 515-2396 or login to ePACK.

Constitution Day 2014

Please mark your calendars for a Constitution Day celebration on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in Talley Student Center Ballroom.

All NC State students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

There will be food, fun, and information about this important part of U.S. history!

What is Constitution Day? September 17 is recognized in the United States as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. The purpose of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is to commemorate the creation and signing of the supreme law of the land and to honor and celebrate the privileges and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship for both native-born and naturalized citizens. Federal law requires that all schools receiving federal funds hold an educational program for their students on September 17 of each year.

This event is being planned and sponsored by the Pre-Law Students Association (PLSA) and the Career Development Center (CDC).